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Captain Jim Palmer here, the Dream Business Coach here, with some exciting news.

The Dream Business Mastermind is adding a series of in-person mastermind events around the country for 2019.

The next one is in Providence, RI on Friday, July 26th.


Now, the first question you may have for me is:

Why Am I Doing This?

Not too long ago, I announced that after four successful and fun years, we were ending the Dream Business Academy live events.

"Going out on top", as they say, after our blowout 8th event in San Diego last September.

Very quickly, I found out how unpopular this decision would turn out to be among members of our Dream Business Mastermind, as well as within our "Build Your Dream Business Now" Facebook group.

Both of these places are filled with some of the scores of smart entrepreneurs who have attended - and have had their businesses and lives changed by - attending these live events.

So my brain trust and I put our heads together.

We decided to run a little test.

And, I'm pleased to share with you now:

Our May 17th Mastermind Day In Baltimore Left People Wanting MORE, MORE, MORE!

A lot of breakthroughs happened in the room that day.

So far, from just among the people who attended, the world is about to see two groundbreaking books launched (July/August), with at least one more coming out this fall.

Not only that, but we completely re-designed several businesses, whose owners are telling me, on our mastermind and coaching calls, that they are already

  • Winning higher-ticket deals than they ever thought possible just 45 days ago
  • Doing more of the things they truly love to do, not those things they used to tolerate (or do through gritted teeth) because supposedly the money's good
  • Powerfully engaging and connecting with new audiences they had believed, up until just a few weeks before, to be out of their reach

As you can see from just a few of the photos below, this was a true "Brain Trust".

Not a series of lectures.

Not a pitch fest.

Not running through crowds of strangers between breakout sessions across a giant arena.

Not standing in line two hours on your 45-minute lunch break (as you can see below, we feed you REAL FOOD as part of your admission!)

Rather, this was a roll-up-your-sleeves, let's-get-this-done, Dream Business transformational day.

(Yes, within the first hour, a few people actually rolled up their sleeves!)

Indeed, a true MASTERMIND, in the Napoleon Hill sense.

Here's what it comes down to:

People Like Connecting With People.

It's a fact.

Through a series of surveys I recently conducted, including the "Year of Your Dream Business" survey last December and a private survey of my Mastermind members 60 days ago - I made a powerful discovery.

The #1 thing our Dream Business entrepreneurs love most about our live events is the sense of community.

True, 1-on-1 coaching calls are great.

Group mastermind calls are great.

Facebook Live chats are great.

But you tell me -

What Can Possibly Beat Masterminding And Building Lasting Relationships With People - Live And In-Person?

There's just something special about the energy you feel being in the same room with other entrepreneurs.

In this virtual digital age, more and more people are saying it's a big deal to get to sit down and have a face-to-face conversation with the PEOPLE behind the social media avatars.

You spoke.

I listened.

Now that’s why I'm taking MASSIVE ACTION on this strong popular demand from the most active and successful members of our Dream Business Community and adding these in-person live mastermind events for 2019.

We originally planned two - Baltimore in May (it was a smash hit) and San Diego in September (it's definitely on).

Due to popular demand, we've already added Providence as our third installment!

That's right - our next get-together will be Friday, July 26th and it will be in Providence, RI.

More on that in a moment.

First, stay with me and allow me to show you

Six Big Reasons Why Joining Us In Providence Could Be One Of The Wisest Decisions You Are About To Make This Year

In the event you are still discovering the value of attending a live event, vs. simply dialing into a bridge line or clicking a webinar link, here is what happens when you join us in Providence:

  • You will receive two amazing teaching presentations - discovering my secret formula for how I get so much done and scale my businesses working only 3 days a week, and how YOU can charge higher prices for your goods and services working with clients you love
  • You can enjoy your very own customized "Profit Seat" where me and the other Dream Business Mastermind Members work on YOUR business - these events are small enough to give everybody a turn
  • You get to network, connect with, and learn from like-minded individuals
  • You will find some new ideas, new inspirations, and new strategies on how to become more productive, efficient, and successful
  • You might just find "the one" - your next client, business partner, service provider, or JV opportunity
  • We're going to have a lot of fun - I will be picking up lunch AND taking you to dinner so we can celebrate your big Dream Business breakthroughs!

To sum it all up,

We've Condensed The Best Of Everything The Dream Business Academy Events Offered, Into One Exciting Day For You

To give you a taste of the value you will gain, here are some of our top reviews from attendees of Dream Business Academy who joined our Mastermind and experienced powerful business and lifestyle transformations.

Picture yourself gaining these types of results that could make 2019 the Year of YOUR Dream Business.

(Note: these are just six of the wildly-successful Dream Business entrepreneurs who have completed our VIP Program. The URLs to their optimized Dream Business websites are below each video.)

Lin Eleoff

Maryl Petreccia

Carmen Torres

Lindsey Anderson

Natalia Volz

Dr. Carri Drzyzga


Here are even more reviews and success stories from entrepreneurs who have attended our live events and participated in our Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching programs:

(Your success story goes here next!)


Here's How The Mastermind Day Will Go When You Join Us In Providence On Friday, July 26th

First thing you need to know is very important:

This is an action-packed, interactive day - you will not be sitting still, hour after hour, listening to lecture after lecture after lecture.

No pitch-fest and no "classroom" - the entire day is dedicated to actually crafting Dream Businesses right there in the room.

We will gather at an exclusive, intimate location (more on that below) and start promptly at 8:00 AM.

You'll want to be on time - one of the things that made Dream Business Academy so popular is we ALWAYS began and ended right on time, and this will be no exception.

You will enjoy a full day of networking, connecting, learning, and business strategizing.

Most of the day will be devoted to individual Profit Seats where we come together to design YOUR Dream Business.

Lunch and dinner are included.


You Are In For A Real Treat With Our Amazing, Exclusive Mastermind Event Location!

We have booked the cozy, elegant second-floor meeting room at O’Rourkes Bar & Grill, located at the corner of Peck Lane and Narragansett Parkway in historic Pawtuxet Village.

There is plenty of street parking around the restaurant, and plenty of hotels and other lodging are located nearby.

We'll be in the second-story Breffny's function room, which includes a fireplace, private bar, and private restroom with a view overlooking Pawtuxet Cove.

Much like many of the historic buildings in this area, this building has a lot of history behind it. In the 1890’s White & Sanders found this building to be the home of their grocery store. The building was transitioned from the grocery store, to “Parkway Tavern” and then to “Gaspee Lounge” In 2005 the building was gutted, extensively remodeled, and transformed into “O’Rourke’s Bar and Grill”.

While dining at O’Rourkes, enjoy the scenery and the history that Pawtuxet Village has to offer.

Whether it is summer or winter, it is always beautiful in the Village.

Together, we will MAKE HISTORY for your Dream Business while surrounded by some of the great history this locale has to offer!


I've Opened Up A Small Handful Of Guest Seats For Dream Business Entrepreneurs Just Like You

This will be a smaller, intimate event - no more than 14 people (you saw in the Baltimore photos above, I mean this).

Most of the seats are reserved for current members of the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program.

But right now, and for a limited time, I've opened up five (5) guest seats for folks who, like you, see the incredible value of spending the day with me and other members of the Dream Business Mastermind, learning from and networking with top successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

There is no In-Person Mastermind Day quite like this.

I expect these seats to fill quickly, like they did in May for our previous Mastermind Day, so act now.


It's Never Been Easier For You To Start Building Your Dream Business, Let's Do This!

Claim your guest seat for the incredibly low investment of just $197 today.

As soon as you click on the button below, you will be immediately directed to our secure online registration page, where you will confirm your registration.

That's it!

Do that now, and get ready for profound business transformation in Providence on July 26th.

On that basis, I agree that now is the time, so choose YOUR success and join us now:

Yes Jim, I'm Ready Now!(Just $197 - Act Now)

If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, we're happy to help!

Call us toll-free at (800) 214-6158 or e-mail coach(at)

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